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Maintain good oral health for whole health

Maintain good oral health for whole health

One third of people do not consult their dentist every year, so it would visit him once or twice a year. One in three people brushing your teeth at least twice a day, then it should be done three times and spend 3 minutes.

The oral health of the people is good?
Today, one third of people have very good oral health. The child is above the European average. However, it can do much better. Knowing that good oral health is to eat hygiene products (toothpaste, toothbrushes?), there is still room before reaching a good oral health.

How can we improve it?
By promotion, we must give the people reason to be healthy, so they have the desire, the desire to maintain good oral health. To do this, it is necessary to argue on the positive: how to … read more

Fat Soluble Vitamins – The Weston A. Price Foundation – Whole Body Health

Fat Soluble Vitamins - The Weston A. Price Foundation - Whole Body Health

Whole Body Health is a proud member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. We hold monthly meetings where we discuss how to live a healthy life, prevent disease, where to find real food, and how to prepare it properly, etc.

In this video, Dr. Tim Weeks discusses the importance of fat soluble vitamins and the benefits of cod liver oil.

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Looking for a workout that burns fat and you can do at home or at the gym?
Check out Men’s Health Full Body Dumbbell Blast by Patrick Striet.
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Full Body Dumbbell Blast has 3 fitness workout levels and each workout takes approximately 30 minutes.… read more

Health and Wealth: Whole Foods Hollywood and Bentley – March 1, 2015 LA, California

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The Revolution begins with Health.
Sunday May1, 2015 Brother POLIGHT and Dr.Sebi will be together teaching at the El Rey theatre 5515 Wilshire Blvd… read more

Whole Body Cleanse And Body Detox

Whole Body Cleanse And Body Detox
Natural colon cleanse is the supreme approach to exclude constipation! Natural Colon Cleanse diet is all about eating the suitably foods many vegetables as you can, fiber rich foods, etc. Everyday colon cleanse must also include the chewing of energetic, organic fruits and vegetables. You can work with a combined group of fruit, like apples, or have the benefit or use of a range of this type of food.

Cleaning out the body and getting rid of toxins and waste is clearly something that will improve your fitness. The good information is that there is a pure idea to cleanse colon. Cleansing your colon can have treastounding health benefits directly and over the long haul. Many casual aches and pains can be rescued through this simple p process. Cleansing our colon can go with to get rid of various ailments, … read more

Acupuncture For Whole Body Health

Acupuncture For Whole Body Health

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine practices have been coming to the forefront of medical treatment options in recent years. With a documented history of 5000 years, this ancient healing art provides us with an alternative to conventional medicine and the side effects that are all too often experienced.

Acupuncture is considered a ‘functional medicine’ in that it addresses the underlying root causes of disease and is very personalized to each individual. For example, two people may receive acupuncture treatments for headaches, but because their ‘root cause’ is individual and unique to each person, their treatments may be vastly different. In treating the root cause, the symptoms either disappear completely or are greatly reduced.

Oriental medical practices include four main areas.

Acupuncture. Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points along the body either by needle, laser, or by pressure. The stimulation of these points … read more