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Body Curves Can Reflect the State Of Health

Body Curves Can Reflect the State Of Health

Thin legs

Some people have the thin legs and felt pain after exercise. It may mean less muscle and weak strength. A number of studies have shown that muscle health status and life has a direct correlation. With the aging of the human body, muscles will decrease as rate of 1% per year. At the age of 40, the speed of diminishing of muscle groups achieve an average 8% or even higher. Experts said that the weakening of muscle strength can be avoided. Even seventy or eighty years old, through the proper exercise, their muscle strength can be restored to the level of 40-year-old. Therefore, it is recommended that people could run and do other aerobic exercise. At the same time, some sports like lift dumbbells, barbells and strength training are suitable.


Thick ankles or fat feet

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