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In Pursuit of the Body Beautiful

In Pursuit of the Body Beautiful

Recently I caught up with the very lovely Loretta Watson. Loretta is one of Australia’s elite “Figure” competitors and I thought it might be interesting for her and I (and you) to have a casual chat about her habit. You know – the one where she stands on a stage in front of a big crowd, under bright lights wearing a postage stamp. Yep, that one.

I’m guessing there’s not a lot of baked cheesecake on the pre-contest menu which could be something of a psychological barrier for a potential Body Shaper like me. Stop it. Not that I wouldn’t look awesome on stage in a bikini and heels (shut up), but for the time being, I think will leave the idea as just that; an idea. Not one you want to think about too much.

Here’s our chat. That’s me in … read more

The never ending pursuit of perfection: Dieting, Body Image & Health

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We wrote The Good Enough Diet because of society’s relentless need to be perfect and the problems that causes.

In the modern world we are lead to believe that good is not good enough anymore. Everything has to be better, bigger, quicker, stronger, and cheaper.

This is not true when it comes to weight loss. When it comes to our health, guilt, blame and stress are rife in our world, and what benefit do they bring us? Nothing!

What are the detriments? Now, a child’s number one wish is to be skinnier, women are riddled with self-hate, more than half of North America, Australia and the UK are dieting.

The diet industry strives on making people, in particular women feel bad about themselves. The sad thing is that they’re not effective and we end up putting all the weight back on. This … read more