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Women?s Health: The Most Important Aspects in Women?s Life

Women?s Health: The Most Important Aspects in Women?s Life

Maintaining a good health and wellness is vital for a healthy living. Eating a balanced and healthy diet is an important part of maintaining wellness. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, health screening is necessary for maintaining good health and quality of life. Health screening is vital for detecting signs of sickness. It helps you live longer and healthier lives. It helps in identifying diseases in women, who do not yet have any symptoms.

Health Screening: Healthy Living

Menopause Kit

Menopause begins a new phase in a woman’s life. Menopause is a normal part of life when menstrual cycles permanently cease due to the natural depletion of ovarian oocytes from ageing. It denotes the permanent end of fertility. The average age is about 51 years.

The diagnosis is typically made when the woman has missed menstrual cycle … read more

BodyHealth: Most Effective Cleanse Program, Health & Fitness Products

BodyHealth: Most Effective Cleanse Program, Health & Fitness Products

Dr Minkoff’s BodyHealth Cleanse Program is the most effective.
Amino Acids and Nutrition are the key to detoxification and healing.
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Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder ( Off on amazon.com) Coupon Code: VBT55WE6

0:00-1:17 Intro to Wheat and Gluten
1:17-2:02 History of wheat compared to now
2:03-2:30 What are grains?
2:30-3:03 How wheat is processed
2:48-4:14 Creating vitamin deficiencies
4:15-4:32 Sprouted grains
4:33-5:35 Wheatgrass overview
5:35-6:21 Juice vs. Powder
6:22-7:16 Why wheatgrass heals
7:16-7:50 Grain vs. Grass
7:50-8:28 How to take Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder

http://drberg.com/body-type-quiz?source=youtube For more information about Dr. Berg’s 3-day intensive program in Alexandria, Virginia, call 703-354-7336.


Dr. Berg discusses the benefits of wheat grass juice powder and the deadly harmful drawbacks to consuming wheat itself. The key is in the sprouting. This way the gluten … read more

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