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Marvel the Beauty

by -Reji

Marvel the Beauty

Marvel the beauty of Auckland and its minor cities. Manukau is the third most populous city in Auckland. It is one of the famous multicultural cities in the world boasting over 50 diverse ethnicities. The people are from all over the world that add up to this beautiful multicultural city like Asia, Europe and Americans. The multiculturalism and diverse ethnicity makes the city of Manukau a unique city with a different essence of the kiwis.

Don’t forget to visit the Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens. Boasts over 10,000 varieties of native and exotic plants and stretches over 56 hectares. What’s more the garden hosts an annual Ellerslie Flower Show. The show attracts thousands of visitors from all over the whole including the very own New Zealanders. So fly to Auckland and visit this massive garden for a great time.

The Butterfly Creek is another favourite attraction … read more