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Healthy Food Ideas! Breakfast Lunch and Snacks | Fitness

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” I love me some food ”

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Top 10 Healthiest Foods

A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 healthiest foods. WatchMojo will be launching a game show soon, get a leg up on the competition by visiting the trivia section of this video: http://watchmojo.com/video/id/13105/#trivia

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Diaper bag beauty

Diaper bag beauty

As a mother, you know how hard lugging around a heavy diaper bag all day can be. Forget about carrying beauty supplies for yourself, right? Wrong! In a beauty pinch, just open up the diaper bag and make those baby products work double duty. These daily baby essentials have some surprising beauty uses and are actually economical choices compared to their beauty counterparts that are made specifically for adults.

Baby oil

This standby baby product is great as a last-minute lip gloss and skin moisturizer. Caught with mascara-smeared raccoon eyes? Baby oil on a napkin or tissue can take care of the black mess in a hurry. Try smearing some baby oil on exposed skin while exercising in cold weather; the oil will help protect your skin from the elements as you walk, run or ski. As an added bonus, … read more

Health, Food, Fitness & Body Transformation!

A little insight into my current Health, Food, Fitness and how i toned up in the last 6 weeks. I’ve had a few people requesting this so i hope it covers everything and if you are looking for something to kick start your way into a healthy/toned body then i totally recommend Kaylas Guide! You can also download a free mini trial from her site to have a go before purchasing the full 12 week e-book! 🙂

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EASY HEALTHY WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkLb79WiUrI


WARM UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnmlt5_UFR0
ABS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNtr3WsqR-k
LEGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlg9BnEioNY
10 MINUTE FAT BURNER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbyHNnSbC3g
FITNESS ROUTINE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4hHNsRXVPs


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High Beauty Aracena

High Beauty Aracena

Aracena is located high up on Sierra Morena in the province of Seville in the south of Spain in Andalusia.Because it sits at a high point in this great natural landscape, this town enjoys crisp clear air all around. It is the capital of west Sierra with a population of 10,000 with a few historical sights like the Gothic Mudejar church, the medieval castle of Iglesia and a Moorish castle remnant.

Attractions of Aracena

Besides the impressive Gothic-Mudejar church, the Gruta de las Maravillas, which opens daily, holds the main attraction in this town. It is the biggest and most fascinating cave in the whole of Spain. It is astoundingly beautiful with its inner chamber, called Chamber of the Buttocks or Sala de los Culos, full of hilarious natural formations cast in lights of pink and orange to great effect.


Places to stay are … read more

BODY HEALTH – Vacumterapia (Terapia de vacio) DERMOHEALTH CORPORAL


Learn how exercise is necessary and vital for optimal health!

Work your body for health-Exercise!

The body is built to be healthy BUT you have to give it what it needs! Proper nutrition, proper form while exercising and an optimized nervous system.

A vegetable based diet is a vital part of an optimized life! See Forks Over Knives and read The China Study.

The crazy fad exercises like CrossFit are dangerous! They use momentum to push yourself way beyond the normal range of motion of the joints which is asking for injury.

Learn a much safer and effective way to build muscle in this video.

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Healthy Pet Food

Healthy Pet Food

Just like humans our pets also need a balanced diet food to stay healthy. Ideally they should also to be given a diet that contains all the six main nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. As a responsible pet owner you must initiate to offer your pet the ideal diet that would lead to the development of good health. There are many commercial packed foods available in the market that are made up of contaminated ingredients. So, you must also learn to choose the food that you would like to serve your pet. The following are some helpful information on healthy pet food.

As already mentioned the ideal diet of a pet should contain the six major nutrients. Proteins help in strengthening the tissues and formation of hair, nails, skin, organs, blood, muscles and such. Carbohydrate is responsible for providing energy for … read more