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Testosterone May Protect Men From Allergic Asthma


News Picture: Testosterone May Protect Men From Allergic Asthma

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TUESDAY, May 9, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Testosterone — the male sex hormone — may be the reason why so many more women have asthma than men, new research suggests.

The study found that testosterone suppresses an immune system cell involved in allergicasthma.

Allergic asthma is an inflammatory condition that causes the airways to swell, making it hard to breathe. The swelling and inflammation is triggered by an allergic reaction.

Before puberty, the condition is more common among boys than girls. Afterwards, however, it is twice as prevalent and more severe among women than men, the researchers explained.

“There is a very interesting clinical observation that women are more affected and develop more severe asthma than men, and so we tried to understand why this was happening,” said study leader Cyril Seillet, from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

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Phimosis (Paraphimosis) Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments


Things You Should Know About Your Penis

Talking about a your penis can be a sensitive topic or uncomfortable for some men (and women) to talk about openly. But sometimes questions about the penis come up, like:

  • Does the penis have a mind of it’s own?
  • Does penis size really matter?
  • Can you break the penis?

Phimosis definition and facts

  • Phimosis is the inability to retract the foreskin behind the head (glans) of the penis.
  • Symptoms of may include:
    • Difficulty or pain during urination
    • Painful erection
    • Paraphimosis (A medical emergency where the foreskin can’t return to it’s normal location once retracted.)
  • This penis disorder usually is divided into physiologic and pathologic phimosis.
    1. Physiologic phimosis is the normal condition in which children are born with a tight foreskin, and separation occurs during late childhood and early adolescence.
    2. Pathologic phimosis happens because of an infection, inflammation,
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Itch (Itching or Pruritus)

Can Stress Cause a Rash?

Q: Before my wedding, before job interviews, and anytime I have a bit of stress, my arms, wrists, and hands break out in an itchy rash. Can stress cause a rash? How do I prevent this from occurring, and how do I treat it?

A: Stress is one of the known triggers of hives, an outbreak of raised, red spots (or welts) on the skin that often itch.

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High-dose Prostate Cancer Therapy can Reduce Trips to Hospital

Treating prostate cancer with a single, high dose of radiation delivered precisely to the site of the tumour results in good quality of life and fewer trips to the hospital, with adverse side effects that are no worse than if the radiation treatment had been given in several lower doses, claims a recent study.

Alfonso Gomez-Iturriaga, from the Hospital de Cruces, Baracaldo, Spain, told the ESTRO 36 conference that the results were encouraging from the phase II trial of high-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy, delivered in a single fraction of 19Gy, to 45 patients with prostate cancer that was at low or intermediate risk of spreading elsewhere in the body. Gomez-Iturriaga noted that the study demonstrates that patients do not suffer higher toxicity or a worse quality of life than might be expected with other methods of delivering radiation treatment.‘Treating prostate cancer patients with a single, high dose of radiation delivered
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Tips on Blackhead Removal & Prevention

Does eating greasy food or having poor hygiene cause blackheads? Are people with oily skin more prone to developing acne? Are acne masks, pore strips, and facial scrubs effective at removing blackheads? What cleansers are best for people with pimples or whiteheads? Get answers to your pressing pimple questions in our clear skin slideshow…

Blackhead facts

  • Blackheads are composed of dried sebum (oil) and dead skin cells.
  • Blackheads can be present in a number of skin diseases.
  • Blackheads are a prime component of teenage acne.
  • Blackhead removal, unless performed by a professional, can produce significant skin trauma.

What are blackheads?

When the opening of a pore (hair follicle orifice) becomes occluded with sebum (oil) and dead skin cells, which then solidifies, the surface color often darkens. This is what is commonly called a blackhead. There are a number of skin conditions in which blackheads … read more

Tick Bite Leaves Massachusetts Man in a Coma with Swollen Brain

It started as a severe headache and rapidly progressed.

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The ticks are back — and so are the diseases they carry.

“Even when you just go outside, you catch one crawling up you,” said Tucker Lane, walking through his wooded backyard in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. “You pick ’em up just wherever you are.”

Like most kids on Cape Cod, Lane grew up with deer ticks. He’s had bites. He’s had Lyme disease. But he never thought a tick could kill him.

“Kind of just started all one day,” Lane said. “Just outside working and got a really bad headache.”

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He didn’t know it then, but a tick bite had infected his body with the Powassan virus, a deadly tick-borne illness that causes encephalitis, or swelling of the brain.

“His cognition was very altered,” recalled Dr. Jennifer Lyons,

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Mom’s Raw Photo Shows the Scary Thing That Can Happen While Breastfeeding

Moms out there, this is SO important.

Remi Peers just hit her first breastfeeding anniversary — it’s been, officially, one year since she began nursing her son.

The mom wants the world to know, though, that her breastfeeding journey has been anything but easy — the new mom suffered from mastitis, a painful infection that occurs when breast tissue becomes inflamed and a woman’s milk ducts are clogged, after feeling too embarrassed to pump or nurse in public.

Peers claims that despite the pervasive (and controversial) “breast is best” mantra, doctors never took the time to educate her on the potential challenges or dangers ahead. The result? She experienced a lot of anxiety that her body wasn’t working. “My milk came in after 5 days,” she wrote in a viral post on Instagram. “I wasn’t aware that it could take that long. While the other babies slept with full bellies,

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Young Mom of 5 Dies After Doctors Missed Her Terminal Breast Cancer Twice

Melanie Bray, a 33-year-old mom of five, died tragically after a breast cancer diagnosis came too late — despite telling doctors, for years, that something was wrong.

At 27, six years before her death, Bray discovered a lump in her breast. The UK mom visited a local hospital, twice, to get checked for abnormalities. Both times, specialists allegedly disregarded the lump, claiming that at her young age, and with no family history, it could not be cancer. They summed the lump up to a symptom of breastfeeding all five of her kids and sent her home.

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Bray couldn’t put the lumps from her mind — especially when she discovered another one on the other side of her breast in 2013. That year confirmed what Bray feared most: She had cancer all along and now there was nothing doctors could do.

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