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All in 1 Natural Medicinal Herb: Shilajit

Shilajit is one the important Ayurvedic compounds that rejuvenates the body. Shilajit is believe to be first discovered in Modern times by British Explorer Sir Martin Edward Stanley during 1870 -the time when India and Nepal were part of the British Empire. It contains more than 85 minerals in ionic form and the active principle fulvic acid, humic acid, hippuric acid and benzopyrones. It is used to treat diabetes and various urinary problems. When combined with other herbs it enhances its effect.

It is believed to have beneficial effects on the kidneys, urinary system and reproductive organs. It is considered as an aphrodisiac that is used in the treatment of impotency and infertility of both men and women. In Sanskrit shilajit means ‘feel like rock’ as it has the power of a rock to reverse the process of aging. The Indian and ancient Chinese literature mentioned shilajit as Amrit and … read more

The Best Diet For Hypothyroidism Supplies Your Body With Needed Nutrients

Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland is functioning minimally. It is manifested through various symptoms including depression, lethargy and also weight gain. Fortunately, you can find relief by following the best diet for hypothyroidism.

The thyroid is similar with other body cells in a way that it also needs to be supplied with mineral and vitamins in order to function well. Thus, the best diet for your condition is one that contains these essential nutrients. Below are some of the most crucial nutrients you need to promote proper thyroid functioning.


There are thyroid hormones that are disseminated through our bodies: T3 and T4. There are the only hormones in humans that contain iodine. It is known that women in their childbearing years have the lowest levels of iodine in their bodies. If you lack this nutrient, your thyroid will not be able to produce … read more

Alternative Treatment for Asthma



Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by abnormal lung condition in which accumulation of mucus in the lungs is found. Natural asthma remedies are the most preferred way of treating asthma since the conventional methods of treatment for asthma may have a lot of side effects.

Wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness are some of the symptoms caused by the narrowing or obstruction of the airways. Airway inflammation, a condition which makes the airways in the lungs turn red, swollen and narrow is one of the causes of narrowing or obstruction of the airways.

Herbal asthma aid is a natural product that is formulated with the medicinal herbs which is one of the most effective natural asthma remedies. Garlic, ginger and mustard are said to prevent the accumulation of mucus in the lungs and hence these are taken as natural asthma remedies. Herbs such as licorice … read more

The Power of Ganoderma in Oriental Medicine

Ganoderma, a rare variety of Mushroom credited with the highest medicinal qualities by the classic Chinese ‘Seng Nong’ is indeed a subject of much research from the ancient china of 100 B.C. or earlier to the modern times by various universities and research organizations. It is also known as Linghzi in China and Reishi in Japan.

It is said that in the ancient times anyone who found the rare Linghzi herb never revealed the place and kept it a secret of health, longevity and wealth. The Japanese revered the herb as ‘God’s Herb’ where it is known as Reishi.

Lingzhi herbal mushrooms in medicine was considered so auspicious that its medical efficacy has been attested to in the oldest Chinese medical text (over 2,000 years old). The book, which is known in Japan as “Shinnoh Honsohkyo”, is now accepted as being the original textbook of Oriental medical science. In it, … read more

Quiet Discoveries Lead to Fast Sinus Relief

It’s amazing what you can find when you start your search a little outside the bulls eye. While clicking through Magnetic Resonance Imaging research online, my colleagues and I found some intriguing scientific studies completely by accident!

What did we find? Well, let’s just say if you’ve got a stuffy nose you should try magnets before sniffling through that bottle of nasal spray!

Did you know that every year, more than 35 million Americans suffer from sinusitis? It’s one of the leading chronic diseases in the United States . And it’s no wonder, as bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, and allergens like pollen, mold, dust mite feces and pet dander are all common causes of this condition . Unless you live in a bubble, there’s really no escaping these tiny antagonists.

The sinuses are actually four pairs of hollow spaces in the bones of the face. Connected to the nose, air … read more

Get Rid Of A Cold Sore

Getting a cold sore can be a most unpleasant experience. And if you are one of the over 60 million people who develop a cold sore each and every year, you already know that. Why do people get a cold sore, and what can be done when a cold sore appears? Here is a quick cold sore Q & A to give you some answers to these questions and many others.

What Causes A Cold Sore?

There are many reasons why you can get a cold sore. One of the biggest ones is due to stress. If you are going through a very stressful time in your life, your chances of getting a cold sore are greatly increased. Why? Because your immunity is low due to the stress. Being out in to much sunlight can be a big cause. Other triggers include illness, fevers, and believe it or not, even … read more

Health Benefits of Tea

Studies that support the health benefits of tea drinking keep filling the headlines. There’s simply no denying that a daily spot of tea does the body good.

Even though researchers can’t quite agree on every aspect, I’m sold on the fact that a few cups a day will do its best to protect me from heart disease, a stroke, cancer, and more.

What Makes Tea Good for the Body?

Tea contains high levels of antioxidants, some of which are called polyphenols, flavonoids, and catechins, and all of which take on the “free radicals” in the body and prevent them from harming the healthy cells on board.

In other words, sending in antioxidants is disease prevention in its finest form. Antioxidants are ready and waiting not only in teas but also in several fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, and even wines (see my health benefits of wine article).

If that were not … read more

Essential Oils For Headaches And How To Use Them

Headaches are very common, but the truth is that they differ in severity. It is believed that headaches are the result of or symptoms of underlying issues which makes it important to find out why they keep reoccurring. However, the most important thing for anyone suffering from a pounding headache is to find the quickest pain relief. The first thing most people think about is medication and with plenty of painkillers available over the counter, it is easy to gain access to the medication.

However, it is always advisable to find more natural ways of relieving headaches. In some instances, dehydration leads to a headache and it means you will find relief by drinking enough water. Essential oils are another natural remedy for the headaches. The oil options are numerous and you can use them to enjoy effective relief depending on the kind of headache you are suffering from. They … read more